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Already enjoying the backyard escape lifestyle, but searching for a way to enhance your enjoyment? Fantastic! Backyard Fun Store is just what you're looking for. We can help you make the most of your pool environment, from simple additions like toys and games to more involved changes such as landscaping elements.

Whatever your pool needs, you've come to the right place. Ready to add special features to your pool such as waterfalls, fiber optic lighting or other accessories? Toys, games, floats, lounge chairs, goggles, equipment and accessories . . . it's all at your local Backyard Fun Store! For a glimpse of the products we carry, check out our gallery of products. We've categorized the items to simplify your search. Just select from the drop down menu above.

Pool Safety Tips

Owning a swimming pool is one of life's greatest pleasures. There are few rules for enjoying a pool – whether you're a lap swimmer, a sun bather, or a game-playing splasher, all you've got to do is just go with the flow!

However, there are rules and considerations for maintaining a safe pool environment. Pool safety is a very serious topic and demands a great deal of responsibility on the part of the pool owner. In this section, we've attached two very informative documents created by the National Spa and Pool Institute that cover the wide range of safety issues, for both inground and aboveground/onground pools and spas.

We strongly encourage you to print out the appropriate document and read over it carefully. Consider sharing all or portions of this safety information with other family members and friends who use your pool on a regular basis. Knowing and understanding basic safety precautions is absolutely critical for anyone enjoying a day (or night) by the pool.

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